Global Warming Prevention

Topics: Nuclear power, Earth, Global warming Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Help prevent Global Warming

There is no doubt the Planet Earth is getting warmer and warmer by the day. Global warming is the rising temperature on the planet Earth’s surface and it’s oceans. Global warming effects everything including our ocean temperature and the amount of precipitation. There are many things we could do to stop global warming. If more and more people started to recycle that would be a great start. You can even turn this into a fun family activity. Another one is if people started to not use their vehicles as much. Finding another source of energy such as solar power instead of fuel can be a huge contributor. Where I live we have a nuclear power plant in our county. It is constantly pouring smoke into the sky. If more and more solar power can be used it can cut down on that energy and smoke going into our air. The air we breathe. It has been often spoke of closing our power plant and opening up another one farther north, but this would only hurt our small town as the power plant employs so many county residents and provides jobs. The government seems to place focus on using solar power and other wind power renewable energy. The public seems to strongly agree and many do what they can to use solar power energy and it can also be cost effective. You could save money on electric bills and gas as well. Greenpeace International seems to have a ton of useful information on their website. I think it is amazing that they have so much information and can offer information on things that can be done to not only cut down on global warming but other environmental issues.

We also have to be careful because the way we are treating the environment can affect our health. Some ways that the environment can affect human health is by general airborne pollution and other chemical hazards. One is tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke represents one of the single biggest airborne chemical risks to health. It applies to both smokers and non-smokers...
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