Response Essay

Topics: Health, Health care, Poverty Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Milove Pierre
Response Essay
Three of the most pressing issues facing the world today in my opinion are Poverty, Healthcare and Global Warming. Poverty is an important issue to address because poverty provokes crime. For example, most of the drug dealer and abusers are associated in some way with poverty. People who steal property, and end up in prison are also associated with poverty. The poor are easier to get sick due to the unhealthy conditions. The more poor people we have the greater the chances are to start a revolution against the failed government. The poorer people get the higher the crime rates gets and the less educated people are. There should be programs that help people work their way out of poverty rather than just helping them maintain their poor statues. Healthcare is important because everyone needs it at several points in their lifetime. Healthcare is important to ensure a healthy body, workplace, community and nation. We as individuals benefit from good health. Healthcare can protect us from contagious diseases and the loss of tax revenue from illnesses. Our national security is threatened when our nation suffers from a lack of good health. Without health insurance most of us couldn’t afford medical attention or even the simple checkups we should get at least once a year. The human species would be in danger. There should be a program that helps people that can’t afford healthcare on their own to get it. Global Warming is an important issue for us to address because it’s hurting our environment. Deforestation leads to the extinction of animals like Orangutans. Pollution leads to a whole in the o-zone layer which then leads to more sun rays coming into earth and warming up the planet. This causes melting ice-caps and rising sea levels which might flood land at some point. There are too many people living on this planet for too many people not to be helping each other take care of our planet. Simple things such as purchasing...
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