Global Warming

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  • Published : July 17, 2013
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Global Warming: The Causes, Effects and the Human Influence Global warming refers to the rise in temperature of the earth’s surface. There exists an intricate ecological balance within the earth’s atmosphere. Slight increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface creates a serious ecological imbalance with far reaching consequences on earth’s aspect of life. The activities that contribute to such a change on earth are much likely attributable to humans. Earth is being effected highly by green house gases, human influences and the rate of glaciers desecrating. The major contributor to the concept of global warming is the “green house effect”. There exists a category of gases in the atmosphere called the green house gases which includes but not limited to carbon oxide gas, methane, ozone, and water vapor. There is a natural green house effect that keeps the Earth's climate warm and habitable; "man-made" greenhouse effect, which is the enhancement of Earth's natural greenhouse effect by the addition of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. It is the emission of these gases that contribute to the green house effect and consequently global warming. Industries rely majorly on the energy derived from the burning of the fossil fuels. . Carbon dioxide, like other green house gases, traps and absorbs the longer wavelength infra-red radiations thus increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. Scientists estimate the effect of carbon dioxide on the global warming at about 10-25%. Global warming as an environmental concern has far reached many consequences. Global warming causes climatic change in neutral areas that can lead to natural disasters . This inhibits agriculture creating famine and starvation as the overall global food production falls. It has been established that the rise in temperatures over the oceans is often associated with the occurrence of violent tornadoes and hurricanes that are severely destructive. Major coastal areas...
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