Are Humans the Cause of Global Warming

Topics: Atmosphere, Global warming, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Are Humans the cause of Global Warming?
How do we know global warming is caused by humans? Can global warming just be a natural cycle for earth? Global warming is a major problem in the world today. Having a hole in the ozone layer isn’t quite beneficial for humans no matter what the cause. Global warming is an increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may be resulted from the greenhouse effect. The global average surface temperature has increased by 0.23% per decade for the last fifty years. People tend to have a different opinion on the cause of global warming. Some believe humans are the cause of global warming and others believe its causes by earth’s natural cycle. Today about 13,000 scientists believe that humans are the cause of global warming and 0.17% believe due to natural environmental changes global warming is occurring. Humans are the cause of global warming and they are speeding up the process as we know it.

The problem of global warming is primarily caused by humans and it began during the Industrial Revolution. Throughout the Industrial Revolution the production of burning fossil fuels increased drastically. The burnt fossil fuels began releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide, and artificial chemicals called halocarbons harming the environment. Scientists have concluded that most of the observed warming is very likely due to the burning of coal, oil, and gas. This conclusion is based on a detailed understanding of the atmospheric greenhouse effect and how human activities have been alternating it. The atmospheric greenhouse effect naturally keeps our planet warm enough to be livable. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere. Light-colored surfaces, such as clouds or ice caps, radiate some heat back into space. But most of the incoming heat warms the planet's surface. The Earth then radiates some heat back into the atmosphere. Some of that heat is trapped by greenhouse gases in...
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