Global Warming- Persuasion

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Colby Hazelip
November 29, 2010
Essay 4: Draft 1
Global Warming: Are Things Heating Up?
Global warming is an epidemic in today’s world referring to the escalation of the average annual temperature. It brings with it a widespread ongoing debate about whether or not the Earth’s temperature is growing due to the emission of gasses from burning fossil fuels. There have been numerous debates, movies, and books on the rising pandemic. It may not seem to affect the world now, but, if true, global warming could cause a serious demise in the quality and quantity of human life. Many people are doubtful when it comes to the idea of the earth gradually moving towards its end, but this issue does not need to be left in the dark. According to the article Global Warming on NASA’s website, published by Holly Riebeek on June 3, 2010, between 1906 and 2005 the Earth’s average surface temperature rose between 1.1 to 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the first time the Earth’s climate has changed. The climate has experienced changes since the beginning of time. Small differences that occur in the Earth’s orbit cause a somewhat different temperature. The sun is the main ingredient when it comes to temperature. In the past, the Earth’s orbit has changed, causing a slight change in temperature (Riebeek 1). This is not what the controversy sweeping the world. The problem is the more drastic change recently because of humans. The Earth has a natural heating mechanism called the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect is a necessary part of human existence. However, the problem is humans are increasing these greenhouse gasses by burning fossil fuels, such as oil, and burning down forests, increasing the carbon dioxide level (2). Without all this, humans would face an inevitable downfall. Countless arguments have been made supporting global warming. In the article World Could Heat Up 4 Degrees C in 50 Years from USNews, published by Janet Raloff on December 3, 2010,...
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