Global Societies

Topics: Globalization, Sovereign state, Culture Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Sharia Goodman
Global Societies

My understanding of a Global Society is that it brings people of all nations closer together, through a common ground. It’s like a growth towards countries coming together economically and not only seeing themselves through their national individuality, but as well as a part of the world as a whole; whether it is through ethnicity and culture, politics, education. Ethnicity and culture factors into global societies in many various ways, it is a world with numerous groups of people with loads of different beliefs. Global society is nothing more than a big world with many different ethnicities and cultures incorporated differently across the world. In many ways globalization has advanced our understandings about different cultures and beliefs, because we were blinded. We as a world integrated one another’s cultures and beliefs as the centuries go by through globalization, learning and understanding cultures and beliefs, one’s that we probably had idea they exist. Politics is also a key factor when it comes to a global society. Many countries have different views when it comes to the way they run their government. This some times raises issues between countries because every form of government believes they are the right government, which is impossible for all of them to be correct, but without a global society we would not have known that other governments yet were to exist. Now education is the ultimate factor to me when it comes to a global society. It allows developed countries to educate the underdeveloped countries in various ways, whether it is through the education in schools, education of diseases, or even the education of medicine, and so much more. Education in a global society benefits pretty much everybody, even in the littlest ways. It makes it possible for the underdeveloped counties to come up and possibly become a developed country in due time, which in turn will improved the world...
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