Global Remittance Flow in Bangladesh

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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This report would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of Mohammad Imran, my supervisor (IUB). His vision played a major role in shaping the report. He was always there to guide and advice me with my research. His suggestions and comments have added to the development of the report in every possible way. the I appreciate time and effort he spent in helping me with this report. A special thanks to Shamim Hamid, my supervisor at UNDP, Bangladesh, for her support and advice. I am also greateful to MD. Shahidul Haque (RR, IOM Dhaka), Kareen Dunn (UNDP, Bangladesh) and Binoy Kishna (UNDP Bangladesh) for providing the book, reports, research papers and information on remittance that I needed for this report.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Abstract I 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Statement of the problem 2 1.2 Purpose of the Study 3 1.3 Research Timeline 3 1.4 Limitations of the study 3 2.0 Review of the Literature 3 2.1 Remittance 3 2.2 Impact of Remittance on balance of payment, 6 investment, and national savings
3.0 Methodology 8 3.1 The Data 8 3.2 Survey Period 9 4.0 Analysis and Discussion on findings 9 5.0 Significance of the study 17 6.0 Conclusion 18 Reference 19 Appendix A 21 Appendix B 27

List of Figures


I. Figure 1. Growth rate of workers’ remittances in Bangladesh 10 II. Figure 2. Growth Rate of Remittance(%), GNP (%) and 11 III. Remittance as percentage of GNP

IV. Figure 3.Growth rate of debt payments as percentage of remittance 12 V. Figure 4. Growth Rate of Import and...
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