Global Management Skills

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Global Management Skills and Training

Globalization has flattened our borders and increased our opportunities for trade, participating in joint ventures or establishing foreign direct investments in other countries. Unlike managing a business on US soil interacting and directing a company in a foreign country requires an advanced skill set to be successful. Those skills should include a general business education and an advanced or MBA program focused on global management highlighting a particular skill set depending on your interest. This skill set could focus on consumer products, economics, health care, IT, finance, telecommunications or many other areas of business. Along with education, understanding culture and values in a particular country helps ensure motivation and leadership success. Being aware of the countries legal, political status assists in forecasting upcoming changes that could affect operations.

Education and Training

A Bachelor of Arts in Management or Business Administration should be the first step in preparing to become a successful international manager. This path of education will give you a wide-range understanding of what makes an organization work. Topics covered in these types of degree programs cover multiple aspects of the interworking, worker communication, human resources, international business, marketing, economics and overall management skills needed to be successful in many types of organizations. Basic management skills achieved in these types of programs is necessary before you can make the next step into working and managing successfully in a different country. Another helpful part of your education would be a foreign language and/or an exchange program living and going to school in another country to gain real life experience and networking. Many MBA programs offer this type of opportunity in their curriculum. Stanford graduate school of business offers a global management program. The global management program (GMP) offers a global management immersion experience (GMIX) which advances international work familiarity by participating in a summer program for at least four weeks in a foreign location outside the United States. This four week program is usually scheduled between a student’s first and second year of his/her MBA program. This offers students the chance to develop the abilities and approach needed to be effective in a global environment. The sponsoring companies provide a well outlined project with clear expectations and deliverables. The students experience working on a project and the organization can utilize the students as additional staff. This year 63 companies and 23 countries around the world were involved in the GMIX program. This gives the students the opportunity to choose from many different industries ranging from start ups, joint ventures and global companies.

Another part in the global management program is the Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP) which is a part of the curriculum that provides cross-cultural learning of business and management in the U.S. and China. This program gives students the ability to interact with MBA students at Tsinghua University establishing relationships and working together on joint academic projects of shared interest related to business in the US and China. This provides students with an understanding of the Chinese market, China in relation to the global market and networking relationships with Chinese MBA students.

Students in this program must participate in some type of global study trip in a country other than the US. This gives the students real life experiences in another country and enhances their academic education. The experience will give a greater understanding of other cultures and values compared to only reading a cultural profile of a country. Until a person interacts with a particular person or group there are many subtleties within that culture based on values...
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