Global History

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Life changed dramatically between paleolithic and neolithic times. Neolithic life changed through agriculture because through agriculture people could farm instead of gathering and hunting while Paleolithic life changed through technology and religion. Paleolithic and Neolithic have so many differences and similarities. To begin with, the differences between Paleolithic and Neolithic times is that Paleolithic uses biconical bone point, perigordian flint blade, prismatic blade core, soluterean willow leaf point, double row harpoon point as their tool kit while neolithic uses sheet with two hatchets, chisels in sheet, and horn hoe as their tool kit (document 1) . One of the differences is that Paleolithic "tool kit" is for haunting while Neolithic "tool kit" is for clearing land and farming. One of the main differences between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods was in the main method people used to acquire food. In the Paleolithic, anatomically modern humans and their ancestors were mainly nomadic hunter gathers, which by then Neolithic people had developed farming, allowing them to live in settlement such as villages and towns. Diet also changed as a result of people eating more cereals and other farmed crops. Compared to the Neolithic, the Paleolithic people had less technology, they used basic stone, bone, antler tools and development such as art and other forms of higher culture only occur in the later stage of the Paleolithic. The differences between the paleolithic and neolithic period is that the the neolithic period is the new stone age, it covers the period about 9000 to 3500 BC, from which archaeologist have found polished stone tools, pottery, weaving, and evidence of live stock rearing, agriculture , and megaliths(huge stone...
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