World History

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Internet Activity- Chapter 23

1. What reason does Columbus give for keeping his journal? What does this reason tell us about his mission on this journey? Christopher Columbus’s determination to keep an account of his voyage was to perform the embassy of Fernando and Isabella. He wanted to keep a journal from his departure until he arrived at the Indies. Columbus wanted to write down everything he and his men performed or saw every day. He intended to draw a nautical chart containing the several parts of the ocean and land. Also, he wanted to compose a book containing latitudes and longitudes. These reasons tell us that Columbus’s mission on this journey was to find a new route for other merchants to follow in order to get to the spice lands. He wanted to create an accurate map in his book to bring back for explorers to examine.

2. Why does Columbus decide to lie to the crew about the distance covered each day? How does the crew seem to feel about this voyage? On what evidence do you base that conclusion? Columbus decided to lie to his crew members the distance he covered each day so they may not be dismayed if the voyage proved too long. The crew men seem to feel that this voyage is lagging on for quite a long time and are starting to become discouraged. One can base this conclusion through the reasoning behind why Christopher Columbus decided to keep it a secret of how much the ship traveled each day. For example, if the crew traveled nineteen leagues, Columbus would not tell his crew mates how long they actually traveled.

3. What are Columbus' first impressions of the natives he meets in this new land? What do these impressions tell us anything about the native culture? What do they tell us about European culture of the era? Columbus’ first impressions of the natives he encounters are that they seem friendly and willing to convert to Columbus’ faith rather easily than by force. He offers the natives small trinkets of beads and the natives...
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