Global Commerce

Topics: Mongol Empire, Ming Dynasty, Africa Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Global commerce is a vital development necessary for all civilizations to grow economically. Between 1000 and 1500 in many continents around the globe, trade has influenced the development of a stable civilization. Although the many civilizations were not interconnected, by trading with neighboring civilizations they all contributed to each others individual growth. Contact with outside societies introduced a need for further development of technology. Trade presented opportunities for civilizations to grow innovatively. Examples of these intertwined societies include South America, Central America, West Africa, East Africa, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Ming China, and Mongol-dominated Asia. South America’s trade networks travel North to South along the Pacific Coast and through fifteen thousand miles of roads connecting the coastal trade to the inland along Andes Mountains. All trade routes are controlled by Incan rulers. South America’s diverse land, encouraged product differentiation, while the Inca’s large population assisted in efficient productivity. In the valleys citizens cultivate sweet potatoes, maize, manioc, squash, beans, peanuts,cotton, and chilli peppers, while white potatoes, quinoa, coca, medicines, feathers, and animal skins are produced by the highland peoples. The need for transportation led them to the development of bridges, tools, and boats made of balsa wood.

Central America’s land is inhabited by two civilizations with different views on trade. Mayan government took little control over trade in the Yucatan Peninsula. Merchant's independent growth influenced a disproportionate share of wealth therefore causing social tensions, foreshadowing Aztec conquer.Because the Aztec government took a different approach, they were able to dominate over the Mayan population. Aztec trade in the Southern region of Mexico was under tight government control. By collecting taxes, checking the accuracy of weights and measures and having officers...
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