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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Fashion among students

(1)Introduction: Defining the term fashion (2)The maddening race
(3) Effects of Society on students
(4)The Kinds of Fashion adopted by students: (a) Dressing (b) Manners (c) Speech (5) The bad effects

Fashion is the prevailing custom in dress, manners, speech, etc. of a particular place and time, as established by the dominant section of society. Fashion is a means to look different in an indifferent world: so is the case with the students.

There is a maddening race regarding fashion, everyone wants to look different. Society has a huge role to play in it. Whenever the two people meet they talk about everything that is new and that can be embraced. They use artificial words, foreign languages, and far-off quotations and relate non-native history. They do their best to copy the clothing of the rich. They also imitate the manners of greeting, meeting, chatting, eating, sleeping, joking, and etc. in their daily routines. Now the fashion has also included the show off, to buy the most expensive thing that others can’t. Mobile phone mania is a vital example of it.

This has inflicted much bad results on the students. Primarily, our society is responsible for it. We are getting away from our roots. We are giving up not only our traditions but also our religious believes to some extent. There is a huge change in our society overall. The life of simplicity is sinking somewhere and the glamour is taking over. Everything all around us has something of the ‘vogue’. This ‘craze’ has shifted on to the students like other members of the society.

The students around us have adopted all the fashions prevailing in society. Today, they wear stylish clothes following the westerners. They also copy their style of speech and mannerisms. Their style is rather artificial, and their comportment is devoid of...
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