Assessed Sweatshop Geography Task

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In today’s modern society, fashion is as big as ever, but what exactly is fashion? And at what price are we willing to pay to get the latest craze on the high-street? Well don't worry because we've sent some of our top journalists around the globe to experience an adventure and report straight back to you. We'll find out exactly how far big companies are willing to go to get the clothes the customer wants.

Here are some questions sent in by you readers at home about the research poll in issue 193. We couldn't print every question so here is the top most popular pieces-

What is fashion?
Fashion is a pattern or trend which is popular for a small period of time. It'll eventually go out of fashion when a new model or update is released. Manufactures create the product which is then advertised to make it seems desirable/ so people want to buy the product.

Who creates the product?
People who create these products tend to be from less developed countries such; this is because the TNCs( Trans-National Corporations) can get a cheap labour force in these countries than in places such as the Uk or USA. These people in the workforce are being exploited. Exploitation means to use something or someone to gain profit. The law in the workplace is a lot more open in these LEDC's(Less Economically Developed Countries)for example many of these countries don't have a minium wage, meaning they gain more profit for themselves, and many of the workers are brought into the workforce illegally meaning they are tied down to serve the needs and demands from the TNCs and can't gain rights or set up trade unions.

What is a TNC?
TransNational Corporations (TNCs) are enterprises that control economic assets(assets are any item of financial value own by a individual, or in this case a corporation.) in other countries. Examples of TNC in the fashion industry are Living Dead Souls, Flipflops and Fangs, What is globalisation?

Globalisation is a process whereby products, information,wealth,people and ideas move rapidly across the globe, however the movement depends upon modern transport and modern communication.

What are sweatshops?
Sweatshops are factories or workshops were the workers are paid low wages , after working for long hours in poor conditions.

Our favourite question was sent in by Haru Toya, from Glasgow. She ask “what is life like for sweatshop workers?” Well Haru, we sent our journalist,Rima maria, for a month of to Turkey to work in a sweatshop, and keep a dairy. Now we have taken a day extract from the dairy to hopefully answer your question, I hope it does.

15th April-
I arrived in Turkey with only a small suitcase of clothes and 28 Turkish lira( just under £10). I'm staying with a girl ,called Kiyoura, her mother and her 5-year-old brother. Kiyoura's father died when she was 9, which meant her mother had to go out and Kiyoura had to watch her young brother and complete the housework. However recently Kiyoura's mother has become very ill, so now Kiyoura goes out to work instead.

16th April 3.45am-
I'm awaken by Kiyoura at the ridiculous time of 3.45am and am told to get dressed. When I am dressed I wonder into the kitchen to see Kiyoura and her brother dressed; Kiyoura is serving up breakfast and her brother is packing the lunches for the three of us. Today is my first day of working in a sweatshop, Kiyoura managed to get me a temporary job in the sweatshop she works in. this means I can get a proper insight into life as a sweatshop worker. 4.00am-

Kiyoura, her brother and I are just leaving the small house were we're staying. Kiyoura is beginning work at 6.30am but it takes her two hours to get there, also she drops off her brother with a fellow sweatshop workers house, which is near to a local school, so that her brother is safe. The journey is long and tiring, and Kiyoura brother kept stopping because he was so tried.

We arrive at the factory. It wasn't what I...
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