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1.1 Introduction
This project is designed so as to be used by Car Rental Company specializing in rentingcars to customers. It is an online system through which customers can view availablecars, register, view profile and book car. 1.2 Reason for the Project

The advancement in Information Technology and internet penetration has greatlyenhanced various business processes and communication between companies (services provider) and their customers of which car rental industry is not left out. This E-Car Rental System is developed to provide the following services: •

Enhance Business Processes: To be able to use internet technology to project therental company to the global world instead of limiting their services to their localdomain alone, thus increase their return on investment (ROI). •

Online Vehicle Reservation: A tools through which customers can reserve availablecars online prior to their expected pick-up date or time. •
Customer’s registration: A registration portal to hold customer’s details, monitor their transaction and used same to offer better and improve services to them. •
Group bookings: Allows the customer to book space for a group in the case of weddings or corporate meetings (Event management). 1
1.3 Problem Statement
A car rental is a vehicle that can be used temporarily for a fee during a specified period.Getting a rental car helps people get around despite the fact they do not have access totheir own personal vehicle or don't own a vehicle at all. The individual who needs a car must contact a rental car company and contract out for a vehicle. This system increasescustomer retention and simplify vehicle and staff management. 1.4 Aims & Objectives

To produce a web-based system that allow customer to register and reserve car onlineand for the company to effectively manage their car rental business. •
To ease customer’s task whenever they need to rent a car. 1.5 Scope
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