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Baseline Project Plan Report
Project Name: Video World (VW) Rental Processing System
Project Overview: This project will provide a database, input forms, and reports to automate the video rental process, eliminate the need for customers to return their rental receipt, and improve inventory management by reducing the number of lost tapes.

Recommendation: Many of the operational problems Video World encounters today can be addressed with an automated rental order processing system. The construction of a database and rental order processing application have been approved by the customer, as outlined in the Statement of Work.

System Description: The VW rental processing system will be built in Microsoft Access. It will provide menus, input forms, and reports as outlined in the project deliverables section below. Database forms and programming will provide forms for customer information, employee information, rental orders, and movie and rental tape information. Feasibility Assessment

A. Economic -- Tangible benefits include:
• Faster rental order processing is expected increase rental orders by 5% per month (approximately $1,100 monthly).
• Automated inventory management is expected to reduce the number of lost tapes— estimated savings of $2,500 annually.
• Reduce staffing by one part-time employee--$400 per month. • Intangible benefits are:
o Save time for customers.
o Increase customer satisfaction with VW.
• Complete cost-benefit analysis is provided in a spreadsheet. B. Technical – The systems analyst, programmer, and designers assigned to this program have extensive experience with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. The objectives of this application are well within their capabilities.

C. Operational – The proposed system will streamline the rental order process, provide better management of video rental inventory, and help keep customer information up-to-date. The proposed system directly supports Video World’s business goals to...
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