Topics: Project management, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 3 (276 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Assignment 2 for CSG 2344 project methods and professionalism

Stage 1-----Due day: 28th March


1. Title page

2. Executive summary

3. Table of contents

4. Glossary of terms

5. Introduction

6. Assumptions

7. Scope management and work breakdown structure

8. Stage 1 progress report (The form is in the blackboard)

Stage 2-----Due day: 11th April


1. Stakeholder analysis table

2. Risk management:

a. Risk Assessment Table, original and final
b. Explanation and justification of all differences (or lack of) between the original and the final versions 3. Human management:

a. Table showing the required human resources for the Project Team

4. Stage 2 progress report

Stage 3-----Due day: 2nd May


1. Procurement Management
a. Table showing:
▪ all goods and services that need to be procured ▪ where they should/could be procured from ▪ when they are required
▪ duration of the contract (if applicable) ▪ approximate costs
2. Communications Management
a. Stakeholder Management Strategy Table
b. Stakeholder Communications Analysis Table

3. Quality Management
a. Table showing your quality plan which must include identifying relevant, specific, quality assurance tasks and quality metrics

4. Stage 3 progress report

Stage 4---Due day: 16th May


1. Cost Management
a. Table showing the Project Cost Baseline (breakdown) for the life of the project 2. Time Management
a. Extracts from your Microsoft Project database showing project tracking, proposed durations and dependencies for the major project processes: ▪ Initialising
▪ Planning
▪ Executing...
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