George Washington

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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George Washington

George Washington was a man that will never be forgotten in the American history. Many American people see his face almost everyday without even knowing it. His face is on the One Dollar Bill and the quarter. George Washington's name is just about everywhere, it’s in schools, towns, counties, states and even the capitol. He deserves this praise because he was a loyal man that helped form America. He was also very brave and intelligent and could stay under control in tough situations. Without George Washington America wouldn’t be what it is today.

George Washington was a very loyal man. He was loyal to his friends and the people of America. He was loyal to his friends because even though he was friends with both future president Jefferson and future president Hamilton, with no matter how different their thoughts or ideas may have been at the time, he never was biased or took sides. He was a man of power that never mis used his powers therefore everyone trusted him. He also listened to what the American citizens had to say about some issues.

George Washington was also a very brave and intelligent man. He had fought in a war (the American Revolution) before he became President. He was also a good leader because he was the first president of the United States of America he had to create the position "presidency". It was starting fresh and new something no one had done before while having people doubting him in control with all that power he still managed to accomplish it. Presidents today know what they are getting into, they know their jobs/roles in office. It wasn't like that for George Washington he had to create those so if it wasn't for him the position of a president wouldn't be what it is today.

Before becoming president of the United States of America, George Washington was a general in the Army during the American Revolution War. That gave him the opportunity to learn leadership skills and knew how to manage people. This...
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