George Siao Kian Ty

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George Siao Kian Ty

George S.K. Ty is a Chinese-Filipino tycoon and the founder of the universal bank, Metropolitan and Trust Company or Metrobank. He is the Chairman of the Metrobank Group, Metrobank Foundation, Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation and the former Chariman of Toyota Autoparts Philippine Corporation. In 2010, Forbes ranked him as the ninth richest Filipino with a networth of USD805 million. --------------------------------------------------

Founding Metrobank
In 1962, when Ty was just 29 years old he founded Metrobank with business partners, Don Emilio Abello, Don Pio Pedrosa and Placido Mapa, Sr. The bank went public in 1981. He had been the Chairman of the Board from 1975 to 2006 until Antonio Abacan, Jr. succeeded him. He is now the Chairman of the Metrobank Group since 2006. In 1988, Mitsui Corporation partnered with Ty’s Metrobank to put up Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation with the former having 51-percent stake and the only Toyota subsidiary to be locally-owned. He has been the Chairman of the Board since 1988. He also served as the Chairman of the Totyota Autoparts Philippine Corporation from 1990 to 2005. Aside from these, Ty also serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of First Metro International Investment Corporation Hong Kong since 202 and Manila Doctors Hospital since 1979. He is an Honorary Chairman o First Metro Travel Inc. since 1989 and Chairman of Manila Doctors College since 2008. When George S.K. Ty founded the Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. in 1962, part of his business vision was that in 15 years he would set up a foundation as the means by which he could give back and serve the community. That was one of the few targets he didn’t meet, for it was only in January 1979–or 16 years later–that the Metrobank Foundation was established, acquiring controlling interest in the Manila Doctors Hospital.

Almost three decades later, the foundation has significant projects...
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