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Topics: Geometry, Pythagorean theorem, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Period 7
Jack Whyte


This year, both as a student and as a person, I learned a tremendous amount. For instance, I learned that in England, its spelled “grey”, but in America its spelled “gray”. That pretty much was the coolest and most useful thing I have heard in a long time, let alone in the past 10 months. But I am not in a position today to discuss this, and thus I will be detailing everything else I have learned that has fallen short.

Scholastically, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of a simple device known as an “agenda”. This groundbreaking advancement in academic technology provides a clear and concise answer to the age-old question, “what was the homework for tonight?” In years past, I would waste countless, valuable minutes flocking to mobile devices and social network platforms in a desperate attempt to ascertain from my fellow classmates exactly what our assignment was. I felt like a fool being the lone unenlightened one. The one who just didn’t know…

Basically I think I did a better job this year of keeping track of my assignments by writing them down in my agenda.
The three adjectives that best describe me are: confident, dynamic, and witty. Confident because speaking, acting, singing, or playing music in front of hundreds, even thousands of people genuinely does not frighten me. Also, because I hold strong beliefs in my abilities to get tasks done. Dynamic because my talents and interests range broadly. I write, direct, and produce my own short films, I act in the school theater company, and I play a number of instruments including guitar and piano. And witty because what did the Zen Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.

Strengths of mine include my note-taking skills. Even if I have know idea what the heck the teacher is talking about, I can very easily at least get it all on paper. I can use this to my advantage to better outline my own study guides for tests and quizzes, and also to assist...
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