Geological Survey of Pakistan

Topics: Islam, Arabic language, Qur'an Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Comparison of today's life with the past period of our life
Life is a name of a struggle between the good and the evil. We should know in our life that what is the wrong way of our life and what is the right way of our life. We say ourselves Muslims but our whole life is against the commandments of the Almighty Allah. Now a days we sleep late at night but against it a true Muslim sleeps early at night. He does not waste its time in idle talks. He offers the Isha prayers in time; he recites the Holy Quran and understand its meaning. An Ideal family in view of teachings of Islam always thinks obedient slaves in all walks of their life. Against it we have no any timetable to pass our daily life. A true Muslim has aim of his life, which is the obedience of the almighty Allah in all walks of his life. Now a day in real meanings we cannot say ourselves a true Muslim because our whole life is against the teachings of Islam. We do not learn Arabic which is the language of the holy Quran. Urdu is our national language but it has not been adopted as an official language of Pakistan. Inspite of it in the constitution of Pakistan 1957 it was decided the Urdu will be Enforced as a national language after 15 years. 55 years have passed and during this period we did not care to act upon the constitution of Pakistan. English is a foreign language of British which shows it we are still slaves of British's and we have not achieved freedom up till now. The alphabets of Urdu and Arabic are the same except few letters. Arabic language can be learnt through Urdu. There is no need to learn sindhi language as it is a local language and there is no need to remain as a compulsory subject. We are far behind from the other nation to prevail literacy in our country according to the Islamic teachings it is compulsory for every Muslim man and women to learn knowledge. Instead of it we give preference to the English language from primary stage. If we want to change ourselves as a true...
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