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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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what are some of the different features located on the course of the morant bay river?


This project is based on the Morant Bay River and some of the different features located along the course of the river. The Morant Bay River is located in the parish of St.Thomas and was visited on the second of February 2011 between the hours of 9a.m – 5p.m. Materials such as pictures and data have been gathered by means of reading Geography textbooks and notes which have been collected on the day of the trip from the Geologist, to put this project together.

A Delta is a triangular shaped area of deposits of the mouth of a river. As it enters the sea the river can no longer carry its load, which is deposited in the sea. The river is forced to divide into smaller channels called tributaries. This low laying swampy area gradually dries out and extended to the sea. The delta can become so mature that people can live it. Figure 1 shows the diagram of a delta

Figure 1


The Morant Bay River Delta was our first location on the geography trip This delta is known as an arcuate delta. It is 4000m in width. The delta is orientated in a north to south direction. This delta is made up of a mixture of sediments in sizes from sand to small boulders (sand, gravel, coble, small boulder).It was also noted that the delta is very mature because it had people living on it. Some features that were observed on the Morant bay river delta are: * Flood plain

* Terrace
* Channel mouth bar
* Vegetated...
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