Geography Assignment on Places in Australia

Topics: Remote sensing, Aerial photography Pages: 4 (897 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Stage 5 Geography
Common Assessment Task

Due Day / Date: ________________, ___ / ___ / ___(Term 3 Week 9)

1. | Take-home Research Task: Investigate TWO Australian communities.Submit your responses to Question 1 a., b., c. plus d. on paper to the class teacher on the due date. | Marks| | a. Outline the location of the TWO selected Australian communities. (≤ 75 words in total)| 3| | b. Construct a labelled collage showing photographs of the TWO selected Australian communities. (single-sided A4) Black and white photocopies are acceptable.| 3| | c. Interpret a satellite image for EACH of the TWO selected Australian communities. (≤ 125 words in total) Satellite images for BOTH Australian communities must be attached. Black and white photocopies are acceptable. | 4| | d. Compare the demographic composition of the TWO selected Australian communities. (≤ 150 words in total)Answers could include population size, population growth rates, gender age structure, gender and ethnic composition.| 5|

2. | In-class Task: Write an answer to Question 2 a. on the paper provided on the due date. You will be given 10 minutes to write your answer, with each question to be answered on 10 lines.| Marks| 3. | a. Explain ONE factor that is changing ONE of the selected communities.| 5|

Directive Terms:Outline= Provide the main features of
Interpret=Draw meaning from
Compare=Provide similarities and differences
Explain=Relate cause and effect

Outcomes Assessed: 4.1Identifies and gathers geographical information 4.3Uses a range of written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information.

Selected Focus Area:5A2Changing Australian Communities

Relevant NSW BOS Content Areas:Atleast ONE Australian Community

Information Relevant To the Task:

On entering the classroom, your pens and correction...
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