Geography Unit 2

Topics: River, Erosion, Geomorphology Pages: 6 (1672 words) Published: April 19, 2012
In this Geography GCSE controlled assessment project, I will be focusing on rivers and I have chosen a hypothesis to prove that erosion is making an impact on the Loughton Brook Rivers. My hypothesis is, “The river Loughton brook becomes wider and deeper due to erosion as it moves downstream”. I will be investigating if erosion takes place downstream in the river. I will investigate if hydraulic action has an impact. I will study about vertical erosion, lateral erosion, Cross profile and hydraulic action. The geography field trip we are going to is called Loughton Brook which is located in Epping Forest. Epping Forest is the hugest public forest in London.  It is almost 6000 acres and has an area of about 12 miles. Two thirds of Epping Forest is selected for scientific interest. The forest hosts various events and activities such as heritage events and seasonal events. The range of key concepts that I will be studying is vertical erosion, hydraulic action, and lateral erosion. As the river goes downstream it will get wider due to lateral erosion. As the river goes downstream it will get deeper due to vertical erosion. To prove my theory and hypothesis that the river moves downstream the cross profile will increase in size These are the hypothesis that I will be testing

The width of the river channel will increase with distance  downstream. 
The depth of the river channel will increase with distance  downstream. 
The wetted perimeter increases with distance downstream. 
The bed load size will decrease with distance downstream. 
The bed load shape (roundness and smoothness) should increase with  distance downstream. 
The cross-sectional area of the river channel increases with  distance downstream. 
There is a relationship between the depth and width of the river. 

Key concepts-
Vertical erosion - Vertical erosion is caused by the erosive action of rivers cutting downwards. This deepens river valleys. The valley is widened by lateral erosion Lateral erosion- A river valley is widened by erosion of the valley sides. This is lateral erosion. The deepening of the valley due to river action is vertical erosion. In youthful rivers, vertical erosion is the most active form, whilst in mature rivers Cross profile – the inside view of the river cut from the inside so you can see what is in front of you Hydraulic action - Hydraulic action is a form of erosion caused by the force of moving water currents rushing into a crack in the rock face. It is strong enough to loosen sediment along the river bed and banks

This is the map of the UK with Epping Forest located as A, just above London

This is the surrounding area of Epping Forest, London is just below a very congested city, and Epping Forest is marked as red again

This is the whole area of where we studied about the river Loughton brook

Rock types of Epping Forest

This is the water depth that we measured and is linked to vertical erosion

This is the rivers full bank capacity, there is no water here but the green line shows were the water was

At the bottom there are a lot of rocks and also leaves from the trees nearby

A lot of trees shedding their leaves as it’s close to winter and they are collecting at the bottom of the river

This is a high bank and is bigger than the other one; this is the centre on Loughton Brook River

This is a bend in the river, deposition makes the river bank higher A fair amount of water collected in the middle of the river

These are the many trees that block the rain from reaching the ground

The leaves here are all clogged up in one place and are blocking the flow of the river

Here the ground is very moist, damp and muddy; this is the source of the river and is where the river Loughton brook starts

Data interpretation

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