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Topics: Eucalyptus, Koala, Flora of New South Wales Pages: 5 (956 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Daniel Badri   BR7    Yr12   Geography 2012 

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Year 12 Geography - Biodiversity, Term 1, 2012

Koala Relocation

Student: Daniel Badri Teacher: Dr Odendaal Grade: 12 BR03


Daniel Badri   BR7    Yr12   Geography 2012 

# Indicate only the beginning of page numbers. Figures and Tables may be listed separately. Font 12-14 bold (the same size as in the text) Contents 1. Introduction 1.1....... #.Sub‐heading numbering  1.2...............  1.2.1..............  1.2.2..............  1.2.3.............  2. Research Problem, Purpose of the Study, Hypothesis 3. Study area and limitations of study 4. Overview of Methodology 5. Data analysis, Results and Findings 6. Evaluation and recommendations 7. Conclusion 8. Referencing 9. Appendices 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 Page 3

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Daniel B Badri   BR7    Yr12   Geogr raphy 2012

1. Introd duction

#In tex referenc ITS stude xt cing ents use APA A referencing g style Bourass (1999) em sa mphasised … At the tu of the last century, there were m urn t millions of koalas (Phasco olarctos cin nereus) in Queensland. Today Koa populatio are far l Q ala ons less with scientists estimati a minut 100,000 to 300,000 l and still diminishin (Queensl ing te left l ng. land Govern nment 2008). … estimatin partner change (Bow ng c wden and Fairley 1996) . Exelby ( (1997) descr ribed the proc … OR … processi gold (Ex cess ing xelby 1997) previo ) ously demo onstrated (R Reid, Parsons & Green 1 s 1989) ...iden ntified as ko oalas (Jull et al 2008) OR Jull et al (2008) ha O l. ave argued... Specific reference and quote ... Berkman (1994, p. 25) claimed that … OR Berkman (1994, c n 2 d R pp. 30-3 agrees t … (Figu 1)#Refe to all Fig 35) that ure er gures and Tables in t text the


Source EPA (2007). “Repo on Koalla Coast ko e: ort oala survey Enviro ys”. onmental Protect tion Agenc Brisban cy, ne.

#Indica the source for all Figur and Tablles ate e res # Page numbering s e starts on the first page off the Introduc ction    

Daniel Badri   BR7    Yr12   Geography 2012 

Scored on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest (or suitability for koalas) and 1 being the least (suitable) Criteria Preferred tree species:Yellow box, Daisy Hill 9 Karawatha 3 Forest Lake/ Forestdale 5

Tallowwood, Small-leafed peppermint, Drooping Red gum, Popular box, Small fruited grey gum, Grey gum, Swamp Mahogany, Forest Red gum, Manna gum, Scribbly gum, Red Mahogany, Bancroft’s red gum, Grey ironbark, Naturallyoccurring hybrid, Blue-leafed Stringybark, Monkey gum, Woolybutt Yellow Stringybark, White Stringybark, Dirty Red Gum, Pilliga Box, White Cypress Pine, Messmate Stringybark, Brown Stringybark, Snow gum, Bundy, Brookers gum, Red Box

Koala sightings: Koala habitat: Area of bush: Elevation:

Koalas, scratch marks, cigarshaped droppings Bushland (preferred) or human modified landscape Habitat pocket larger than 10ha 0-100m (highest value)

8 10 9 8 8 52

0 5 10 2 1 21

2 3 5 10 10 35

Gradient of slope: Total Score (60):

0-5 degrees (highest value)

Source: Created with knowledge of koala behaviour with guidance of Dr. Odendaal and Research of Secondary Data) 8. Referencing

#References/Bibliography Harvard StyleITS students use the APA referencing style Dique, D, Preece, H, Thompson, J & de Villiers, D 2004, Determining the distribution and abundance of a regional koala population in south-east Queensland for conservation management, Wildlife Research, 31, pp. 109-117. DERM (2008). “Decline of the Koala Coast Koala Population: Population Status in 2008”. Department of Environment and Resource management, Queensland. Dood, B, Law, M, Meyer, I & O’brein, P...
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