Genetic Counseling

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Genetic Counseling Decision-Making

In my opinion, I think that Jenny and Bob Miller should take the necessary risks in order to make their sons life more comfortable and possibly cure them of their disease in the near future due to gene therapy. The gene therapy is not far from being a reality in medicine that can cure muscular dystrophy, and the injections of normal muscle cells from healthy individuals can relieve some of the pain they are experiencing until a cure is generated. Muscular dystrophy is a very painful disease and anything and everything should be done to help the individuals who suffer from this disease. Jenny and Bob Miller are a wealthy couple and have enough money to afford the injections for their children. Immunological rejection is a possibility that comes with the injection of healthy muscle cells, but this risk is worth taking because without the injections of muscle cells the children may die before the cure for muscular dystrophy can be created. These children will not live as long as they possibly could without the muscular injections that will keep them alive long enough for the cure for muscular dystrophy to be invented. Saving a life is always worth the risk. Even if the children’s bodies reject the new muscle tissue, they will be no worse off than they would have been without the injections. With the injections, the children will have a chance to live a more normal life than they ever would have been able to without medical help. Gene therapy is the ultimate cure, but unless the injections are allowed to commence the children will not live long enough to see the cure for muscular dystrophy.
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