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General objective of teaching English at high school
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Los adolescentes y el aprendizaje del inglés

Cd. Obregón Sonora a18 de agosto de 2011
General objective of teaching English at high school

The purpose of studying a foreign language (English) in secondary education is for students to participate in certain social practices of language, both oral and written, in their own or in a foreign country in contact with native and non-native speakers of English. In other words, through the production and interpretation of a variety of spoken and written texts —of a quotidian, academic and literary nature—, students will be able to satisfy basic communication needs in a range of familiar situations.

The four skills of the objectives of teaching English are mentioned below:

1.‘Listening Skill’:-
Listening skill means ability to understand English when spoken. Thus the objectives of teaching English is to enable the pupils to understand ordinary daily English speech spoken at a normal speed. They will be trained in grasping what is being said.

2. Speaking Skill:-
                “Speaking Skill” means – “ability to speak English correctly and easily”. The pupil will have a command over English vocabulary and asense of correct intonation and pronunciation. This can be achieved gradually through regular practice.

3. Reading Skill:-
                It means the ability to understand when written. The pupil should achieve the skill to understand simple and non-technical English first, then he is likely to appreciate literary English.

4. Writing Skill:-
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