Celta- Language Skills Assignment

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Cambridge ESOL CELTA
Written Assignment 1
Language Skills Assignment


For the purpose of English language teaching, teachers tend to refer to four particular skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. (Harmer, 2007)

Reading and listening are known as receptive skills. Both of these processes require meaning to be derived from material that is being listened to or read. Speaking and writing are known as productive skills. In the case of both of these processes language is actually produced. (Harmer 2007)

In order to develop receptive skills, it is, therefore, natural that the teacher set a listening or reading exercise for the students. Although there are obvious differences between listening and reading, the basic classroom procedure for both is similar. (Harmer 2007)

This focus of this assignment is to identify the receptive skills that could be practised during a reading lesson. It is also the case that the teacher has chosen the text and that it is authentic or course–book material. This type of teacher-directed reading is known as intensive reading. (Harmer 2001) Three phases have been identified to enable the teacher to exploit a chosen or prescribed text to develop reading skills, namely, the pre-reading, while-reading and follow up (or post-reading) phases. (Williams 1996)

The pre-reading phase

This phase is necessary in order to generate interest in the subject that the teacher is about to introduce. It also gives students a reason to read. The pre-reading phase is deemed the most appropriate time to introduce selected new vocabulary and language structure, which will essentially enable the student to glean sufficient comprehension of the text. It is, however, considered counter-productive to explain the meaning of every new word and structure during the pre-reading phase. The pre-reading phase is the point where students are first exposed to the topic of the text, although the link to the text may well still...
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