Funny People

Topics: Funny People, Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Journal On Movie Funny People
Trevor Edwards
Funny multitude
Funny People, directed by Judd Apatow, was, to me, not as extraordinary as I expected ground on the title of the movie. There were definitely some funny parts, only when overall, I thought the movie was more on the earnest/drama side of writing styles rather than drollery. I think by chance Judd Apatow named the movie Funny People, and then make it more as a serious movie, on purpose. I believe this could be showing the difference of the need genre and genre film. When I saw previews of Funny People on TV, the advertising made me believe that it was going to be a comedy. This was the use of genre film. Most people expected it to be a comedy because of the previews, the title, the actors, and the history of Judd Apatow movies. However, after actually seeing the movie, I didnt think it was a comedy so much. With George Simmons health loss and his personal life with his ex lover, him not being a good family man, and him falling off as a comedian, I thought it was more of a serious film with funny parts added to it. All these issues going on in the chief(prenominal) characters life is also reflecting on reality. In the movie George Simmons is an already famous comedian/actor, just like Adam Sandler is in real life.

I think that this movie could have been based a lot on how Adam Sandler and many different stars really feel about their croaks. This is separating the star from the person and let the audience see that these famous actors really do live their own lives with their own problems. I liked how real aged films were used in the movie of Adam Sandler as a child to make it more realistic. Another example the film is reflecting on reality is with Seth Rogens character. He is an up and coming comedian trying to make it, and he ends up becoming a famous comedians auxiliary which ultimately puts him in the limelight. Overall, I thought Funny People was a good movie that kept my interest the...
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