Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic.

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  • Published : September 28, 2010
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Fundamentals of programming with algorithms and logic Benjamin Sigala April 5, 2010

Computer programs are a form of language written out processes that carry out different tasks. Like human society there are different languages and different ways of speaking that language, the same goes for software design. There are three basic types of program design or language they are procedure driven, event driven, and data driven. Procedure driven is a specific step by step instruction written language that can be useful because it can be strongly structured. Event driven data is used for detecting events going on inside the computer such as keys being pressed, the mouse being clicked, or detecting outside input such as e-mail, messages, or alerts. Data driven programming can be confused with OOP Object Oriented program, the difference is that data driven structures the control operation of a program. There are many different program languages because some can interact with each other and others may not be able to. There are so many things that can contribute to what a computer can do, and this is why there are a lot of different programs written in different forms. Programs are all special in there own ways and even though I have little knowledge about them as I read and learn about them I know that certain specification can be programmed to work in combination with other software. Computers process data threw code written languages that are created with algorithmic process, which are specific detailed information or a set of ruled out tasks that is carried out by the computer. In reading the recipe to run certain functions in programs the computer interprets the encoded language and follows what the program is designed for, so you have to be pretty precise about what you expect it to do that’s why...
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