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Computer Exam Review
Most programming languages are now presented within an ____.
Integrated Development Environment
A high-level language program is called a(n) ____ program.
Programming statements in a low-level language will be close to natural language and will use standard mathematical notation.
After we normalize a number, its first significant digit is immediately to the left of the binary point.
“Print the value of product” is an example of a(n) ____ operation
In early programming languages, conserving machine resources was not an issue.
A ____ involves developing a clear, concise, and unambiguous statement of the exact problem the software is to solve.
problem specification
The if/then/else operation allows you to select exactly one of two alternatives.

A(n) ____ is a collection of useful algorithms.
In a high-level language, the programmer’s only responsibilities for managing data items are to declare (or in the case of Python, create) all constants and variables the program will use. True
The ____ of a sound wave is a measure of its loudness.
With a natural language, different readers can interpret the same sentence in totally different ways.
Transistors are constructed from ____, such as silicon and gallium arsenide.
Any whole number that can be represented in base 10 can also be represented in base 2, although it may take ____ digits.
The use of high-level instructions during the design process is an example of abstraction.

What are the four steps of the sum-of-products algorithm?
truth table construction, subexpression construction using AND and NOT gates, subexpression combination using OR gates, circuit diagram production The process of finding a solution to a given problem is called algorithm discovery.

The process of searching for a special pattern of symbols within a larger collection of information...
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