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Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, 6e (Lewis/Loftus) Chapter 1 Introduction

Multiple-Choice Questions

1) A Java program is best classified as
A) hardware
B) software
C) storage
D) processor
E) input
Answer: B
Explanation: B) Programs are classified as software to differentiate them from the mechanisms of the computer (hardware). Storage and the processor are two forms of hardware while input is the information that the program processes.

2) 6 bits can be used to represent ________ distinct items or values A) 6
B) 20
C) 24
D) 32
E) 64
Answer: E
Explanation: E) With n bits, we can represent 2n different values. 26 = 64.

3) When executing a program, the processor reads each program instruction from A) secondary memory (storage)
B) the Internet
C) registers stored in the processor
D) main memory
E) could be any of these
Answer: D
Explanation: D) The program is first loaded from secondary memory into main memory before it is executed so that the processor is not slowed down by reading each instruction. This idea of executing programs stored in memory is called the Stored Program Computer and was pioneered by John Von Neumann in the 1940s.

4) Which memory capacity is the largest?
A) 1,500,000,000,000 bytes
B) 100 gigabytes
C) 3,500,000 kilobytes
D) 10 terabyte
E) 12,000,000 megabytes
Answer: E
Explanation: E) We convert each of these capacities to bytes (rounding off) to compare them. The value in A remains the same, 1 1/2 trillion bytes. The value in B is 100 billion bytes. The value in C is 3 1/2 billion bytes. The value in D is 10 trillion bytes. The answer in E is 12 trillion bytes.

5) Binary numbers are composed entirely of
A) 0s
B) 1s
C) 0s and 1s
D) 0s, 1s and 2s
E) any digits between 0 and 9
Answer: C
Explanation: C) Binary is base 2. In Mathematics, numbers in base n are composed entirely of digits between 0 and n-1.

6) Volatility is a property of
C) disk
D) software
E) computer networks
Answer: A
Explanation: A) Volatility means that the contents of memory are lost if the electrical power is shut off. This is true of RAM (Random Access Memory), but not ROM (Read Only Memory) or disk. Software and computer networks are not forms of memory.

7) The ability to directly obtain a stored item by referencing its address is known as A) random access
B) sequential access
C) read-only access
D) fetch access
E) volatility
Answer: A
Explanation: A) Random access is meant to convey the idea that accessing any item is equally easy, and that any item is retrievable based solely on its address. Random access is the form of access used by both RAM and ROM memory. Disk access, called direct access, is a similar idea, and direct and random access are sometimes referred to synonymously. Sequential access is used by tape.

8) Which phase of the fetch-decode-execute cycle might use a circuit in the arithmetic-logic unit? A) fetch
B) decode
C) execute
D) during fetch or execute, but not decode
E) could be used in fetch, decode or execute phase
Answer: C
Explanation: C) The fetch phase retrieves (fetches) the next program instruction from memory. The decode phase determines which circuit(s) needs to be used to execute the instruction. The instruction is executed during the execute phase. If the instruction is either an arithmetic operation (like add or multiply) or a logical operation (like comparing two values), then it is carried out by the ALU.

9) In order for a computer to be accessible over a computer network, the computer needs its own A) MODEM
B) communication line
C) network address
D) packet
E) router
Answer: C
Explanation: C) In order to differentiate between the computers on a network, each is given its own, unique, network address. In this way, a message intended for one computer can be recognized by that computer through the message's destination address. A MODEM is a...
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