It Infrastructure Textbook Qs 15/15

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15/15 - IT Infrastructure

Chapter 1 Review Questions 1.1 ( 2 marks)
What three kinds of organisational difficulties can communications technology help companies overcome? Firstly, companies that are geographically dispersed are made more manageable with good networks. Secondly, they help trim down middle management for top-heavy companies and lastly, they help break down the barriers between divisions within a company.

Chapter 2 Problems 2.16 (3 marks)
A digital video camera provides an uncompressed output video stream with a resolution of 320x240 pixels, a frame rate of 30 fps, and 8 bits for quantization of each pixel. a. What’s the required bandwidth for the transmission of the uncompressed video stream? 320 x 240 pixels = 76800 pixels x 30 fps x 8 bits

= 18432000 bits
= 17.5 MBps
b. How much data storage space is needed to record two minutes of the video stream? 18432000 x 120 = 2211840000 ÷ 8 bits
= 276480000 bytes
= 263.5 MB

Chapter 3 Problems 3.13 (2marks)
A company will deploy a credit sales system that will provide service to ten large population centres. A database will be used to store user information and record credit transactions. The IT department is considering two choices: a. A centralised database, where a single copy of the data is stored in one datacentre and used from all population centres. b. A replicated database, where one copy of the data is stored at multiple datacentres (one in each population centre) and all copies of the data are synchronized. Give some criteria for deciding which type of database should be used for this project. The IT department should consider things such as:

* The amount of data and type of data the database would be required to store * Whether there will be simultaneous users and how many simultaneous users would the database be able to handle. * The security measures needed to be taken and whether the database can be made secure * Whether the...
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