Fundamental Problems in Education

Topics: Sociology, Human, Oppression Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: April 10, 2013
* The author here talks about the fundamental problems in education, he emphasizes that it not being an education problem at all. He rather says its more of a social problem between adults and children. * “ The fundamental problems in education is not an educational problem at all: it is a social one. It consists in the establishment of a new and better relationship between the two great sections of society- children and adults” – Dr Montessori *

* The education system that exists in the present world no one is happy, the teachers are discontented and children are very disturbed resulting in un happiness. Many educational experts and teachers have been continuously working on the system. They have made a lot of changes but it seems to have failed the expectations. Dr Montessori says all the efforts and changes does not solve the problem. The root of the problem not being approached, which being the conflict between the adult and the child. The adult fails to understand the needs of the child, and he continuously wants to keep him under his control and this becomes an oppression on the child, which becomes a vicious circle. *

* There is a short anecdote provided in the book that clarifies the distinction between adult tastes and those of children. Fancy marble tables, and excellent sophisticated healthy meals are often deeply appreciated by adults. Children, however, need light colored tables as they are better for teaching the difference between dirty and clean. Children will often honestly scoff at or reject a $500 ornate lunch in favor of a grilled cheese sandwich without any spicing. Their palate would only be confused, over stimulated or offended by what for adults would be preferable.

There has been various revolutions , protests against the stronger section of the society oppressing the weaker ones. Social reformers have strived towards the upliftment of the oppressed society. The human race is not free from these conflicts, they...
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