Problems in America Education

Topics: Education in the United States, High school, School voucher Pages: 8 (3425 words) Published: March 18, 2011
America is in the midst of one its greatest crises. This problem is affecting all fifty states and all levels of society. This current crisis is America’s failing education system. The United States has fallen behind many other developed nations when it comes to the quality of our children’s education. A good, strong education had been a crucial part of the American dream, so then why is that this problem is being ignored and allowed to continually worsen? School districts across the county are dealing with problems like lack of funding, low teacher salary, teachers unions, increasing class sizes, and failing test scores. A solution to these problems will not be easy. It will require the cooperation of federal, state, and local governments. Parents and Teachers will also play a crucial role. The solution is to allow parents and teachers a choice. The United States needs to implement more school voucher and charter school programs. This will allow for parents to have a choice in their child’s education. No longer will parents have to accept the mediocrity that is the American Education System. Numerous schools across the country do not have adequate funding to in order to educate America’s children. Adding to these problems many school districts have lost focus and often squander what little funding they do receive. According to Patrik Jonsson “Currently, the national average classroom spending is about 61.5 cents on the dollar…The five worst- scoring states on average spent 59.5 percent in the classroom.” (Jonsson) About forty percent of all money given to schools does not end up at the classroom level. Most funding for education comes from the local levels, according to Jennifer Sable and Jason Hill “State and local governments, which provided 47.1 percent and 43.9 percent, respectively, of total revenues. The federal government’s contribution was 9.1 percent of all revenues.” (Hill, Sable) Considering that almost half of money for education comes from local sources, this creates inequality of funding per student in each school district. Schools of wealthier school districts receive much more funding opportunities than those of lower income school districts. This gives these lower level governments and school boards great power over a child’s education. These differences from school district to school district can be dramatic and disturbing. According to John Wright “One of the most extreme cases of disparate school funding was in San Antonio, Texas, where in 1989 district spending ranged from $2,112 to $19,333.” (Wright) As you can see this is a severe difference between highest and the lowest of spend per student. It is easy to overlook these numbers when at this time the average state spending was around 10,000 per student. Most residents of the state were probably unaware the some school districts were receiving 8,000 dollars less than the average. Educational inequalities of this extreme should not exist in America’s schools. Children of poorer districts who most likely need the most help in their education are disfavored by the inadequacies of how schools are funded. Schools in lower income districts barely have enough funding to maintain the basic standards of education. “In 1990, writer Jonathan Kozol visited the Woodrow Wilson Public High School in Camden, New Jersey. In his book "Savage Inequalities," Kozol describes a lab room with no equipment, a broken boiler, a computer room with 30 unusable computers-- they were melted by the heat, and a 58 percent dropout rate. At the time, the state-wide average was $5,000 yearly on each student. The Camden school received $4,000 per kid.” (Wright) All children deserve the same standards of education and to have access to the same opportunities. A child should not be punished by denying an education based solely on the fact that he or she were born in a low-income area. I believe more money should come from State and Federal sources, therefore giving local...
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