Fund-Raising Gala Dinner Case Study

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Industrial Project Management

Assignment 1-Group Case Study


Fund-Raising Gala Dinner

I. Project planning
1. Project charter
a) Project description
Due to the limited funding from both government and donation, Gala Dinner event is intended to publicize the new service of Rehabilitation Center which is aimed to provide occupational rehabilitation and training for disabled person, and to raise 2.5M HK$ for this Non-government Organization to sustain its new program. We wish Gala Dinner event will make this kind of public-service activities draw more attention and concerns from society, institutions, enterprises and individuals, benefiting more disabled person.

b) Project objectives
I To publicize Rehabilitation Center with its new service of helping adults, who are disabled, and raise 2.5M HK$ for this new service, strengthening the influence of public-service on society. II key criteria: cash, securities, asset received is worth 2.5M HK$ or more

c) Key stakeholders
Stakeholder| Major Benefits| Attitudes|
Project Sponsor| Reputation, donation, new program can be executed| Proactive, active| Donator| Magnificent reputation| Active|
Disabled Person| Substantial guideline, training, benefits | Proactive|

d) Vision
The success of Gala Dinner event will benefit disabled person, sponsor, as well as those of the donators. For disabled person, they will get more substantial help from this training program, which could build up their working skills and confidence to better reintegrate into society. Donators would get fine reputation of giving back to society and aiding the weak. In addition, sponsor could raise enough capital to further sustain its organization and promote related activities.

e) High level costs
I Dinner, venue renting and employee compensation are the three most costly respects of the event. II Dinner could be further divided as cookers, raw materials, cook, etc. III Venue renting includes room, table/chair, utensils, decorations, cloth and equipment, etc. IV Employee compensation comprises salary, bonus, commission, employee incentive, employee benefits and so on.

f) Major milestone
Project | Phase|
Event planning| 1 Jan ~ 20 Jan|
Speakers selection| 21 Jan ~ 30 Jan|
Determination of venue| 31 Jan ~ 6 Feb|
Food service planning| 7 Feb ~ 9 Mar|
Print and communication| 10 Mar ~ 10 Apr|
RSVP| 11 Apr ~ 20 Apr|
Decoration and equipments reservation| 21 Apr ~ 28 Apr|
Plan gifts| 22 Apr ~ 8 May|
Transportation events| 9 May ~ 12 May|
Evaluation| 13 May ~ 5 Jun|
Execution| 6 Jun ~ 31 Jun|

g) Assumptions and constraints
I The most critical assumption of this project is that local government will give substantial support for our activity, because our operation capital coming from government is so limited this year, so the support from government in others respects will be available. II Such that without enough support from government, there will not be many interested donators or related institutions.

h) Project phases with associated deliverables
Deliverables| Target date| Person in charge|
Project team assembled| 1 January| Zhang Long|
Project plan completed| 3 January| All members|
Project charter| 10 January| Zhang Long|
WBS| 15 January| Ran Ou|
PDM Network| 25 January| Kong Xiangtianrui Nie Chen|
Risk Assessment/Matrix| 10 February| Kong Xiangtianrui Nie Chen| Project execution completed| 30 June| All members|
Project closed out| 30 June| All members|

i) Resources
Resource| Description|
Human resource| Team members responsible for his own part respectively, casual| Working capital| Venue rent, dinner fee, staff compensation| Facilities and equipments| Computers, office, printers, etc.| Venue and decorations| Stereo system, lighting system, projector and...
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