Political Party Project

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Political Party
Research Projects
Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative Party platform is that now is not the time for instability. Canadians are concerned for their children future and their jobs. Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will try and meet their goals and they will try and stay on course. Issue by Issue

* Canadian families will have safe environment as possible, clean water and air. * $1 billion in support to have research done on clean energy, projects such as carbon capture and storage. * $1 billion to supports pulp and paper mills to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. * $252 million to address climate change and air quality. Health

* Our heath care will increase 30 billion per year in 2013 to 2014. * To encourage more Canadians to have more healthy habits through Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Awareness and Education Initiative. * New health warnings on tobacco products in 2011 through the Tobacco Act. * They are setting newer guidelines in the amount of found cadmium in children’s jewelry. Students

* Investing more than $10 billion in student’s education. * Investing $2.5 billion in helping students in their educations through loans, scholarships and grants. * Help of the cost of textbooks by creating a new textbook tax credit.

New Democratic Party of Canada

Platform: Tom Mulcair believes that it’s time to stop the 400-page omnibus bills. Commission
Aboriginal People:
* Encouraging the aboriginal people to participate in the Canadian politics. * New Democrat Aboriginal Commission gets all the Aboriginal People, First Nations, Métis and Inuit into the party as members, supporters and candidates. LGBT:

* Make sure that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people have all equal rights and opportunities.

People living with disabilities:
* Make sure they have equal opportunities too.
* All disabled Canadians will have support they need to have full potential in their life. Women:
* Will have to try and prevent discrimination and stereotypes against women. * They will try and get more women involved with this part.

* They will put the priorities of young people and their families first.

Liberal Party of Canada

Platform: The Liberal Party of Canada believes that if families and individuals get an opportunity to succeed, the economy will grow. They think it is important to have an environment that is clean. Liberals strongly believe that a timely health care is important. What They Stand For

Post-secondary education:
* That all Canadians should have an affordable education.

Equal Opportunities:
* Families aren’t making enough money to make ends meet. * They say that everyone should be equal

* When the Liberals were last in charge their surplus was under $13-billion and now Stephen Harper’s is over that. * They think that Stephen Harper is not using their money in a right way. * The Liberals are trying the make more jobs around our country. * They have a proven track record for competent.

Health Care:
* For the Conservatives they think it is everyone province and every family to themselves. That isn’t what the Liberals think. * Liberals think it would be better if there was one nation standard for one great health care service. * Accountable health care system

Green Party of Canada

Platform: Around one million people voted for the Green Party of Canada in 2008. The Green Party believes that their party is the only one in Canada with a full and comprehensive vision for our future.

The Issues
Smart Economy:
* Have thousands of green jobs that renew energy and profit thousands of buildings to high standards for energy efficiency. * Reduce IE and RPP contributions for businesses.
* Have a healthy industry.

Strong Communities:
* Have help for married couples and families.
* Lower income taxes....
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