Functional Areas of Management

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Functional Areas of Business
January 29, 2013

Functional Areas of Business
People think that a manager’s job is to supervise employees. Management is more than supervising people, it is a mixture of different elements that come together to run an organization smoothly and competently. An equipped manager will possess the knowledge of the different functional areas of management, including the four functional areas of management to the different content areas of management. People usually think as finance and marketing, for example, to be core areas of management. However, operations management and strategic planning are an essential part of business management and managers must use it to their advantage for a successful operation. Kumpf (2004) defines” strategic planning as developing a structured scheme or method for effectively achieving a specific goal or objective.” It is very important for a manager to strategize within the different struggles that an organization could present. On the other hand, it is also important for a manager to strategize to achieve goals, for corporate growth, and better services. No matter what the situation may be strategic planning must be a prime concern on any manager’s mind. Strategic planning provides a pathway for a manager and his employees, it creates a goal focused outlook, and it provides structure for an organization and its employees. As a manager I would implement strategic planning from the start of a project on forward; from drafting a mission and vision statement, to monitoring and the implementation process, and to resolve conflicts when they arise. Furthermore, I would involve the stakeholders in the strategic planning process and make it a team effort to achieve the positive outcomes for the organization and avoid confusion of what the manager expects from each of the players. I would use the plan as a guide toward success for my organization. “Businesses that lack strategic plans are more likely...
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