Fire Essay

Topics: Strategic planning, Management, Organization Pages: 5 (2138 words) Published: May 19, 2013
There are a lot of different elements of the Strategic Planning process in which there is some strength and weaknesses of the planning process I will list some recommendations that could be applied to the fire department. Strategic planning has a somewhat of a long process that I am going to explain through out this paper in which the fallowing questions will give you a good idea of how that Strategic Planning process works. I’m going to answer this fallowing questions which are “who are we”, “why do we exist”, “where are we going”, “how will we get there”, what do we hope to accomplish”, “what are our strengths and weaknesses” and “ what are our opportunities and threats”? These are the main point on how the process of this plan works. To Start it off Strategic Planning starts with there Leaders and the mangers of the organization, they end up facing a lot of difficult challenges, like shifts in values, tax limits, unfunded mandates, all join together to try and a good volatile global economy. One of the reasons why strategic planning is going to be here to stay I because its good management, and the most cost effective or efficient way to do the work will be done and the rational model is depicted. There is lots of purpose and benefits Strategic Planning could help with and some examples are facilitating communication, participation, accommodate divergent interests, values & foster wiser, reasonably analytic decisions-making. In which all o this things could help you out well the community to know what’s going on. This establishment of this plan is to state a statement built around the organization mandates. One thing that we need to make clear is what Strategic Planning isn’t. For example it’s not a substitute for leadership, in which leadership is needed to promote, foster, direct and push the process. Its also not a solution for all of the difficulties but its is a tool designed to assist leaders to think and act fast and smart. Bryson described a ten step process that will help out bring all the parts and actions together, also it will describe what activities and tasks will be needed to be taken to strengthen the strategic plan. The ten steps of the strategic planning process are pretty straight forward the first one is initiates and agrees upon a strategic planning process the second one is identifying organizational mandates, third one clarifies organizational mission and values fourth one, Assess the organization’s external and internal environments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The fifth one Identifies the strategic issues facing the organization, the sixth one formulates strategies to manage these issues, and the seventh one reviews and adopts the strategic plan or plans. The eighth step establishes an effective organizational vision; the night one develops an effective implementation process and the last step re-assess strategies and the strategic planning process. These ten steps lead to the actions, the good results and the evaluation the person should take, this three things should be added and proceed at each step in this process. Now I’m going to talk about each and one of the ten-step processes that are necessary to implement a strategic plan. The first step was initiating and agreeing on a strategic planning process, in which the purpose of this step is “to negotiate agreement among key internal and perhaps external decision makers or opinion leaders about the overall strategic planning effort and the key planning steps”, there they just support make decisions that will help the process to succeed. The Second step is where they are Identifying organizational mandates, there they are the “formal and informal mandates placed on an organization consist of the various ‘musts” that it confronts”. Third step that has to be fallowed is the clarifying Organizational mission and values; there the organization’s mission along with its mandates provides the social reason for its...
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