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suprasiddba bhaaSaaweetta giDugu wenkaTa siitaapatigaaru ceppinaTLu rnaarutunna bhaaSaku taginaTLu nighaNTuwulu kaniisam prati yiraway samwatsaraala kokasaari samskaraNa jaragaali. alaa jariginappuDee nighaNTuwulu sajiiwa b h d a k u yoogyamayna praatinidbyam wabistaayi.'

As the renowned linguist Gidugu Venkata Sitapatigaru has said, dictionaries should be revised at least once in every twenty years so as to conform with the changes in a language. Only if this is done will they present a tme image of the living language.

1. 1 consider the words quoted above to be my justification for undertaking the task of compiling a new Telugu-English dictionary. At Hyderabad in the middle 1960s while coIlaborating with Professor Bh. Krishnamurti on A Grammar o Modern Telugu2 I began to f read Telugu literature and found I was unable to understand many passages without the help of a Telugu speaker because the existing Telugu-English dictionaries were thoroughly out of date. C. P. Brown's Telugu-English Dictionary (Madras 1852) was re-edited by M. Venkata Ratnam, W. H. Campbell and K. Veeresalingam (Madras 1903), but has not been revised since then. P. Sankaranarayana's Telugu-English Dictionary (first edition Madras 1900) has not been effectively modernised although later editions have appeared. Galletti's Telugu Dictionary (Oxford 1935) is more up to date, but owing to its restricted purpose it contains only a small selection of words from the enormous vocabulary range of Telugu. Those were the dictionaries that I found most useful at the time, but as they gave no help regarding many modern words and idiomatic expressions I began to prepare a list for my own use. By the time I left India in 1968 it had filled four manuscript volumes. 2. In the London suburb of Bromley when I took up preparation of the dictionary in earnest I spent four and a half years compiling an inventory of rough entries with draft meanings. This involved making a thorough study of certain literary works by various authors and also a selection of other writings dealing with adminisrrative, journalistic, scientific and technical subjects. At the same time I perused all the Telugu-English dictionaries, vocabularies, glossaries and word lists that I could obtain and also certain Enghsh-Telugu dictionaries and glossaries, including the Glossary of Administrative and Legal Terms (Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad 1980). I found the compendious Glossary ofJournalistic Terns by Dr Budaraju Radhakrishna to be very valuable (a copy was kindly supplied by the author in advance of its publication by Eenaadu). I also made use of certain monolingual glossaries and dictionaries including (after the arrival of Dr J. V. Sastry) the first five volumes of telugu

' V. Venkatappayya,telugu nigbaNTu wikaasam, Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Akademi, Hyderabad 1975, page 4. Bh. Krishnamuni and J. P. L. Gwynn, A Grammar of Modern Telugu, Oxford University Press, Delhi 1985.



wyutpatti koo.iam (Telugu Etymological Dictionary) published by the Andhra University, Waltair. The authors of that dictionary deserve praise for their industry in having collected a large number of words and phrases which occur in everyday speech but which had not been cited in any dictionary previously. My only regret is that by the time my work was finished the final part of the Etymological Dictionary had not yet...
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