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Introduction 2
Section One The Introduction and Operation to the New Computer System 2 Introduction to Opera System 2
Installing the new system and training the staffs3
The benefits of install the new computer system in areas of customer care and marketing4 Speed check-in and check-out with the new computer system5 Section Two The New Pricing Packages 6

Introduction to the New Pricing Packages6
Section Three The Proposal of New Equipment in the Reception8


This report is consisting of three main sections, the first part will introduce the new equipment and computer system, and the second part will be the introduction of the new pricing packages, Finally it is the proposal of install the new equipment in the reception area( with illustrate attached). In this report, I am going to explain briefly the benefits of installing the Opera system in our hotel and there is a floorplan will be attached in this report which shows the new equipment should be installed in the reception area. Also there are new pricing packages of our brand new guest rooms will be suggested. Section One

The Introduction and Operation to the New Computer System
Introduction to Opera System
Opera system is very powerful and convenient software for the hospitality industry. Opera system is not only the making connection between departments, but also helping the staffs to manage guest’s reservation and requests effectively. There are 3 main features have been summarised according to my own experience and research. 1. Managing and organising guests’ reservation and requests. This can be the major feature of the Opera system. Opera system can easily handle multiple types of reservations, such as individual, group, company, reservation through travel agents and so on. Also staffs can access guests’ requests and proved the correct service to our guests very easily by using the Opera system, it making our hotel’s image friendlier and profession. In the meanwhile, our staff can understand every single guest’s need and improve our service quality. 2. The communications between departments.

Staffs in different department can easily communicate with others via Opera system; therefore staffs can understand and learn the operation of whole hotel. 3. Finance controls
The revenue department can easily control and make change of the room rate according to the occupancy rate which shows on the Opera system. Opera system can help revenue department to maximise the hotel’s revenue and increase the profitability. On the other hand, the Opera system can exchange the local currency rate to any other countries; it is easier for the casher to manage the bills. Installing the new system and training the staffs

1. The installation of the new system
The installation of the new system, the Opera system, must be installed before the hotel reopened. As the installation of the Opera system can be completed before the grand opening event, there will be not too much disruption for the future operation of the hotel. Also the staffs of the front office are able to reinstall the customers’ files and handle the reservation before the hotel reopened. 2. Training the staffs to use the Opera system.

There are 3 methods can be suggested, for training the staffs to operate the Opera system. (1) Firstly, the managers of the front of house department need to learn and trained to use the Opera system, if they have not used it before. Also we can recruit two new staffs that carry the skills of using the Opera system, and they can be the supervisors to train our staffs. (2) Secondly, there are some training courses of using the Opera system for our staffs during the refurbishment of our hotel. Our staffs will be having those courses in three weeks before the hotel reopened. A guest speaker or the manager with the experiences of the Opera system will be invited to those...
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