Freud Ttheories of Psychosexual Development

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Psychosexual development, Anal stage Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Freud developed a theory of personality that focused on the effects of sexual pleasure on the individual’s psyche; he also maintained that human development is biological which strangely influences an individual’s social and emotional development and experiences. Freud’s work as a psychologist represents the first attempt to formulate a systematic and global theory of human development. During the first five years of life development is marked by a series of stages which are universally biological to humans. During each stage the libido is focused on the erogenous zones, these zones are the Mouth, Anus and the Genitals. According to Freud, sexual impulses are a central factor in personality development, he believed that sexual feelings are closely linked to children’s basic way of relating to the world such as nursing and moving their bowels. Freud’s theory also believes that instincts or unlearned psychological drives that provide the energy for the developmental process have their energy in the biological needs of the organism. Freud also believed that problems and conflicts encountered at any stage influences personality in adulthood. Conflict resulting from someone being deprived at any stage results in one’s pleasure drives being stuck or arrested at that stage, this is defined as fixation. According to Freud, the mental life of an individual is divided into three stages, it is believed that the Psycho-Sexual stages originated from the sexual instinct which he called the Id, in addition to the Id, Freud postulated the Ego and the Super-ego. These unconscious processes make up personality structure and also influence the developmental stages in the human organism. The Id is the part of the personality that is present at birth, it comprises a person’s basic and sexual impulses that demands satisfaction, it is said that the Id is the Mr. Hyde emerging from the restrained Dr.Jekyll, the Id is selfish and pleasure oriented it operated on the pleasureprinciple....
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