French Igcse Tips

Topics: Grammatical tense, Trigraph, Present tense Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Situations for the role play could include:
* Buying a train or bus ticket
* Asking for directions
* Shopping
* Making enquiries about lost property
* Making a reservation in a hotel or campsite.
You may have to discuss the following and will be given information to guide your response: * your work experience
* your region
* your hobbies
"Pourriez-vous répéter la question s'il vous plaît?"
= Could you repeat the question please?
"Je ne sais pas" = I don't know
"Je ne comprends pas" = I don't understand
To answer some questions you may have to fill in:
* a form
* Blanks in a piece of text.
For others, you may have to write:
* a message
* a postcard
* a diary
* a letter
* An article for a magazine.
Try to include different tenses if possible. You may be asked about what you did last weekend (past tense); try to add if you'll do the same thing next weekend (future tense). Make lists of phrases you could include to boost your mark. E.g. après avoir + past participle = after having...

venir de + infinitive = to have just...
depuis with present tense = for...
Il faut / On devrait ... + infinitive = You should...
About the school
1. Comment s'appelle ton école?
What is your school called?
Mon école s'appelle...
My school is called...
2. Décris ton collège.
Describe your school.
Mon collège est...
My school is...| Il y a ... élèves.
There are ... pupils.| Les bâtiments sont...
The buildings are...|
Voici des exemples:
Mon collège est assez grand.
My school is quite big. | Il y a 800 élèves en tout.
There are 800 pupils altogether. |
Les bâtiments sont modernes et bien équipés.
The buildings are modern and well equipped. |
3. Parle-moi d'une journée typique au collège.
Tell me about a typical day at school.
Les cours commencent à...
Lessons begin at... Les cours finissent à...
Lessons end at... |...
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