Freelancig Jobs

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FREELANCING JOBS: the pros of working for yourself
It’s no secret that the American economy — and, indeed, the world economy — is going through a prolonged period of uncertainty. Jobs are hard to come by, and those that are available have tens, if not hundreds, of applicants for just one available opening. Because of these economic realities, more and more Americans are turning to online freelancing as a way to bridge the gap between their stagnating incomes and the increasing cost of living in the United States. And indeed, many unemployed Americans have given up seeking a traditional job and are now fully committed to earning an income via freelancing opportunities. These positions typically get a negative reaction from those who do not have them. Many people view them as something less than a “normal” job, and often assume that the freelancer is lazy or unmotivated, or simply unwilling to leave the home. But that is simply not the case in a revolutionized freelancing job market. What are the perks of these jobs, and what are the talking points you’ll need to use in order to impress your friends and family with your self-created occupation and income? YOU’RE IN CONTROL

Gone are the days of office politics and the watchful, overbearing gaze of a management type. When you freelance, you’re working for yourself and by yourself — and you’ll only be responsible for answering to yourself, too. Freelancing gives you the ultimate amount of control of your occupation and that means you can decide what our working hours are, when you’ll start, and when you’ll finish. You decide how much money you’ll make, and you decide what your annual salary is. There are no performance reviews (unless you’re giving yourself some helpful criticism), and there’s no need to “play the game.” Your job is to pursue clients and win their trust as well as their business. How you do that, when you do that, and how much many you make for doing that, are...
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