Links Between Organisational and Personal Deveolpment Objectives

Topics: Unemployment, Employment, Inflation Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Self-employment is the major effect cause of the recession and the economic downturn, and has made an opportunity for many redundant and unemployed people in starting their own business. Many are unemployed people are still struggling to find a job, some are also drifting about doing nothing to get themselves in their job market and others are using strategies and ideas on moving into new directions as self-employed. A great amount of people are enrolling on online course to gain skills, knowledge, and be creative with their hands. E.g. qualified chefs who had been made redundant due to the economic downturn can start their own business from home in order to make their self useful instead of being jobless. This strategy does not only improve the unemployment level but also enables many people to make use of their skills and to do what they love doing. In the article by B.Jordan (2009), it was mentioned that “self-employment in the recession is a positive direction, and it reduces the unemployment, level in Great Britain by talents, skills, and abilities being put in action to invent work”.

FLEXIBLE WORKING PATTERNS/ SWITCHING FROM FULL-TIME TO PART-TIME Public sector needs to learn from private sector on how to make flexible working patterns and keeping job cuts to a minimum. Good engagement with staff will help to make the workforce changes needed in keeping jobs during the recession and to help bring a fall in the unemployment level. In response to the economy downturn, Harvey Nash from CBI recruitment mentioned that “As a result of the recession, organizations believe the UK flexible labour market help cut jobs looses and nine out ten companies applied changing in working patterns as an effect of the recession”. Changes have been purely down to flexibility and the working pattern of the jobs given to employees and in order not to lose good staffs in the organizations and companies. The official figures data and analysis...
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