Management and Leadership of Organizations

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organization Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Management and Leadership of Organizations
Unit 1 Individual Project
American InterContinental University

Details: The internet has created new ways to do business for organizations with much less capital planning as opposed to the high capital needs of traditional brick and mortar organizations. Based on this, how should management and leadership be addressed for each type of business? Research successful traditional and online retailers and address the following issues: Discuss the organizational structure of one traditional and one online retailer. Identify two management or leadership challenges for each type of retailer. Are the challenges basically the same or different? In what ways are they the same or how are they different? If you were advising a successful leader in a traditional retailer who was interested in making the transition to working as an online retail organization, what advice would you give? Management and Leadership

This paper I will examine the roles and responsibilities of authoritative managers and leaders in advancement and creating an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. I will additionally differentiate amid administration and administration aural an aggregation as able-bodied as call the roles in which both managers and leaders comedy in creating and advancement an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. I will go on to explain how the arch action of administration supports the conception and aliment of an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. Finally, I will achieve with my recommendations that both managers and leaders can use to actualize and advance an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. The responsibilities of the managers in a company are to overlook employees’ performance, accommodate acknowledgment during advance reviews, and analyze areas of improvements and agent recognition. A company will also have leaders, which are classified as assignments or work leaders. Their...
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