Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers Diaries – Their Story, Their Words, Their Future
One of the main concerns that Erin Gruwell would face was teaching a group of kids that the school system process having an integrated school was a good thing in front of board members that had issues at that certain time in history. The school system did not look at how this integration with mixed cultures would affect everyone involved. This system would suddenly take them out of their own element and put them with mixed cultures that would drastically change their way of looking at life. This change would only drive the kids back future with no desire to learn or participate in continuing their education. Comparing this to the business world, you would look at Erin Gruwell would become a style of pathfinder practitioner for the inner city mixed culture teenagers (Brown, 2011 p 92). Erin Gruwell could see what potential each one of her students had and would fight the school system to help create a different approach and style for the kids to open their minds toward a positive life with a future. This is compared to big business or a corporation showing how starting out in a large environment how one can get lost like a child in a large school. Many may want to avoid taking chances or even give ideas because of stepping on someone’s toes in business or getting shot at from another child in school because of the way they looked at someone.

Another issue facing Erin Gruwell was how administration would look at the students even though there was a program to help these kids. They would view the kids as a waste and this was concerned the “white way” and because of this, many of the students would hate the white race. The administration that was there teaching for many years and see the integration with all cultures was growing a cold heart toward what the purpose of teaching the kids in their style the curriculum. Without hope from an adult figure how would these kids have hope or inspiration to...
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