Documenting the American Promise: the Brown Decision

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  • Published : August 5, 2009
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Jasmine Hood


"Documenting The American Promise: The Brown Decision.

1. Q: What reasons did the Supreme Court give in favor of desegregation? What reasons did black students give for wanting to attend integrated schools? How do these reasons differ? 1. A: One of the reasons the supreme court gave in favor of desegregation is because they felt the need to substitute their personal political and social ideas for the established law of the land. Also contrary to the Constitution, the supreme Court believed segregation was destroying the amicable relations between whites and negro races that have been created through ninety years of good people of both races. Better education, more sports and having new opportunities were the reasons black students wanted to attend integrated schools. The reasons differ because the supreme court thought that having the whites and blacks together would bring social and personal ideas along with getting along and still getting their education but once the black students came to the school, their were no white students left and only three teachers and one principal left. The students found obsticles to their full participation in sports.

2. Q: What arguments did the southern legislator make against the Supreme Court decision? Did they question its power to make the decision or the content of the decision itself? 2. A: The arguments the southern legislator had against the Supreme Court was to disagree with the courts decision of intergrated schools. Yes the southern legislator question the Supreme courts judicial power.

3. Q: What obstacles remained for African Americans studentsto confront once they had been admitted to integrated schools? 3. A: The obstacles the African American Students had to confront was not being able to participate in school activities such as sports, cheerleading, baseball,etc.

Cite pages 1012-1013 in book; chapter 16 question # 2 in study guide.
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