Free People Marketing Plan

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Free People-Company report

Overall Store Profile

1.What type of store are you analyzing? (department, specialty, etc) what is the

stores image and does the merchandise fit the image?

1. Free people is an innovative specialty retail company which offers a variety of

lifestyle merchandise to highly defined customer niches in the United States Canada,

and Europe, catalogs and websites. Their stores are very sixties and seventies

inspired. Free People offers a merchandise mix of casual women’s apparel, shoes,

and accessories. The stores all have a bohemian style that is inspired by a casual

mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage elements. The stores are all very colorful

with vibrant and loud colors surrounding the entire store. The merchandise fits

the store image perfectly and the clothing along with the art displayed match

one another and tell a color story.

2.Target customer-specifically define the target customer, addressing broad-based

demographics and psychographics. Does the merchandise carried fit the profile of

the target customer that you have described?

Target market:” a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and

comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough

to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its

limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between. Free

People identified 5 different customer types: "Meadow" the bohemian customer,

"Candy" the girly customer, "Ginger" the body-con customer, "Lou" the tomboy

customer, and "Sandy" the beach customer.” ( I also spoke

with the manager of the store and she validated the customer identities, but

she also stated that if she were to say who the target market was it would be

from girls ages 16-28. The Company’s Free People company profile report said

that the retail stores primarily offer Free People-branded merchandise targeted to

women aged 25 to 30 years.

3.Location-specific location in the mall or shopping district. Why do you think this

location was chosen?

Free People retail stores average approximately 1,400 square feet of selling space,

carry up to 18,000 SKUs, and are located in enclosed malls, upscale street

locations and specialty retail centers. The company believes that highly visible

store locations, creative store design, broad merchandise selection and visual

presentation are key enticements for customers to enter and explore their stores

and buy their merchandise. The store I decided to observe was located in

Studio City on Ventura blvd. Ventura Blvd is very famous for attracting the

fashion forward clientele base. The stors which are located on the strip for

example are Urban outfitters, delias and Wasteland who also target about the

same audience as free people. Urban outfitters actually owns Free People,

but their main difference is that Urban sells mens clothing. I believe this

location was chosen, because Ventura is known for their boutiques and their

very trendy, hipster and risk taking customer base.

3.Overall look of the store-briefly discuss visual presentation, standards, and

customer service.

There is a vibrant and cozy lounging area, where customers can sit back

and soak up the lovely surroundings. All of the fixtures are handmade,

including the hangers which are crotched. There were many mannequins in the

store which were next to most of the tables and racks displaying how you can pair

the items together in a very trendy and fashionable manner. The decor within

each stores was also unique, although the atmosphere is pretty much similar

throughout the chain, casual and fun. Much of this was due to the staff and the

company's policy of listening to its customers. They hire their staff within the

targeted age group and...
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