Topics: Frankenstein, Novel, Mary Shelley Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: February 24, 2013
By Mary Shelley
Summary Paragraph:
In the book Frankenstein, a lonely scientist, Victor Frankenstein, brings a being of great power and fear to life, an eight foot vicious green monster assembled from various parts. Horrified by his creation, Victor attempts to flee, however, that leads to the death of his brother directly from the monster he created and the death of Justine, who was adopted by Frankenstein’s family, since she was accused of the murder. After their deaths, the monster asks Frankenstein for a female partner, however, once Frankenstein begins his second creation, he thinks better of it and destroys her, leaving Frankenstein’s monster to swear revenge on him on the day of his wedding. On that day, while Frankenstein is concerned for his own life, the monster attacks his bride, Elizabeth and murders her, fulfilling his proclamation of revenge on Frankenstein. While Frankenstein tries to catch his creation, he passes out and is found by Walton, when he then dies and leads to the death of his monster since he can no longer live without his creator because of the remorsefulness he feels. Character Descriptions:

Victor- Foolish, power-hungry, oblivious, cowardly, blind
Monster- Fast-learning, unnatural, juvenile, sensitive, dark Elizabeth- Sweet, stunning, caring, lively, graceful
Walton- Curious, lonely, understanding, adventurous
Essay Questions:
1. Frankenstein is the literal monster in the novel. However, one could argue he is not the most monstrous character in the story. Who would you say is the real monster in the story? Explain your reasoning.

2. Illness seems to be a reoccurring factor in the novel. During times of hardship, Victor seems to fall ill, possibly to display helplessness or act as a potential escape from reality. What do you believe illness portrays in the story and why?

3. As the novel progresses, Frankenstein becomes more sympathetic and possibly easier for the reader to “root” for. Did...
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