Glenco Frankenstein Study Guide

Topics: Death, Science, Fear Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: May 8, 2013
1. Waldon is probably not a good narrator. His letter writing technique never gives readers full disclosure. Because you are given limited information, you cannot piece together the full picture. If he was committing any unjust acts, he would not write this into his letters. His state of mind also affects his ability to effectively write. 2. Walton’s goal is too ambitious. Due to his selfish personality, on can infer that this is far too big a goal. His first priority is the glory. 3. Robert was searching for a certain set of characteristics in a friend. When he found these in Frankenstein, it immediately created a bias on behalf of the doctor. This then eliminated the readers trust in Walton. Chapters 1-2

1. Readers can infer many things about Victor from this statement. One can see his dedication and curiosity. His determination and curiosity push him to seek more scientific knowledge. 2. Henry is a socialite concerned with the business of society. Victor is more conserved, only concerned with furthering his scientific knowledge. By placing the contrasting characters, she can then illuminate their flaws by playing them off one another. 3. Shelley’s intent was to create an addition to Victor’s already great life. Elizabeth’s attributes ultimately positively affect the family. 4. No. His search for eternal life is not admirable. He is searching for something he can never obtain, Chapter 3-5

1. As a child, Victor was very reclusive, unless he was with his family. He remained curious and ambitious through his childhood, thus furthering his search for scientific knowledge. 2. Throughout the novel, there is a shift in the tone of the book. He begins his story in a happy tone. His mother becomes sick and dies, beginning the change in tone. In chapter 5 he creates a monster. He sees the immorality in breaking the laws of nature. His knowledge is too great for his own good. 3. Victor begins to ignore his family. His social...
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